Indirect Calorimetry : RMR, REE (기초대사량 정밀 측정 및 분석 시스템)
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Indirect Calorimetry CCM Express

Clinicians and dietitians are very emphatic about their regard for the CCM Express® indirect calorimeter.

Whether they are in hospitals or in private practice, they like how it delivers advanced technology in the most demanding ventilator environment, including bias flow, pressure support, and elevated or fluctuating fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2).

Patients breathing spontaneously benefit from the CCM Express indirect calorimeter’s comfortable testing options, such as the face tent and preVent® face mask.

The built-in computer with touchscreen operation, oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors, and breath-by-breath analysis make indirect calorimetry with the CCM Express indirect calorimeter rapid and simple—while providing highly accurate resting energy expenditure (REE) and substrate utilization data.



- Measurements can be obtained with breath-by-breath analysis or user-defined averaging.

- Gas sensors measure both oxygen and carbon dioxide.

- Ventilator patients can be tested on elevated (above 60%) or fluctuating FiO2

- System is unaffected by ventilator pressure support/pressure control and bias flow.

- Windowing function excludes non–steady-state data resulting from patient disturbances or test initiation.

The small size of the CCM Express is ideal for bedside and ICU/CCU testing


- Accurate indirect calorimetry

- True breath-by-breath analysis

- Intuitive icon-based software is simple and easy to use

- Direct Connect allows measurement of ventilator patients without effects of pressure support or bias flow

- Small, compact unit is easy to maneuver and takes minimal space

- Low initial cost and low cost of operation

- Improved patient outcomes

- Decreased number of ventilator days

- Decreased length of stay in the ICU

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